Project Overview
Saratech participated in the Pacific Design & Manufacturing tradeshow at the Anahiem Convention Center which is designed for anyone interested in engineering software, manufacturing, robotics, prototyping, and injection molding. 
Saratech, an engineering company, is focused on helping companies develop better products by providing engineering expertise, services, software, and manufacturing solution. For this tradeshow, we wanted to highlight how product development can be improved by merging PLM software with the advancements in 3D printing solutions. As the Web and Graphics Designer at Saratech, I was in charge of designing all digital and printed marketing collateral for the event, speaking with vendors for quotes and timelines, and making sure we stayed within our design budget.
Highlighted Product
We centered our tradeshow theme around the "Mighty Duct", a cooling duct that was optimized for improved air flow using the expanded additive manufacturing solutions from Siemens and HP. Once a complicated assembly of expensive parts, is now a streamlined all-in-one 3D printed part. Here is a poster display I designed, showing this process that the sales team was able to use as a process guide when explaining the development to the attendees.
Tradeshow Wardrobe
Saratech is known for taking a playful approach to our salesmen's wardrobe in order to stand out during events (one year, they all wore saturated tye-died shirts in honor of HP's new color 3D printing capabilities) so we wanted to continue that tradition with this event as well. Since our featured part design was dubbed the "Mighty Duct", our Marketing team decided to play off this terminology by having our tradeshow take on a Mighty Ducks theme. I drafted different ideas for what the jerseys could look like and we landed on this design that showcased the Mighty Duct with Saratech, Siemens, and HP branding. Each salesmen was able to have their last name printing on the back of their jersey for an extra personalized touch.
Backdrop Design
For our backdrop, we wanted something that would pop and attract attendees so I designed a backlit backdrop that reflected the engineering feel of our brand and had white wireframed imagery (knowing it would stand out very well with the back lighting) to represent the different industries we target. 
Following a similar design and style as the backlit display, I created a matching tabletop cover for our stand where we placed a computer playing a production video of the making of the air duct. 
Saratech's Pacific Design tradeshow booth was inviting, engaging, and effectively showcased how 3D printing and PLM software can streamline product development. 

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