Project Overview
In 2019, Creative Allies hosted their third Twenty One Pilot's contest in honor of their Bandito tour. Over the course of six weeks, designers sent in poster designs to reflect the brand of TØP's Trench album. As a fan of their work, I had to jump in and participant with a design of my own.
My Interpretation
For my entry, I wanted to highlight the character Ned. This character first appears in their video "Chlorine". My interpretation of this character is a manifestation of inspiration for an artist. Every creator has experienced a love/hate relationship with inspiration. Love, when it is flowing freely, hate, when is dries up and is nowhere to be found. In the music video, Ned is hiding out, appearing briefly here and there to check the conditions of the pool. He seems to be very particular about the level of chlorine he likes in it. Eventually, he comes out and jumps in. One thing really stands out about this storyline: Tyler (lead singer) is always working, whether Ned appears or not, adjusting his formula until it is just right. This is a very important message to creatives, keep working and perfecting your craft, whether inspiration is there or not. 
Take Away
In my design,  I illustrated Ned peeking in from the edge of the poster, as if he is checking in to see if the conditions are safe for him to come out and roam freely (much like he did in the music video). This is a reminder for me: am I waiting around for the right "feeling" to appear and drive me? Or am I working, perfecting my craft and making the conditions just right that will allow inspiration to manifest.

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